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On this page you find press contacts and images as well as general press releases. High-resolution pictures are exclusively available for members of the media and journalists for the media coverage. After signing the User Agreement for Pictures they can be downloaded for free


& Public Relations

North, Middle- & South America

Press Contact:
Georgina Gomez

Europe &  Rest of the World

Press Contact:

Christiane Casott
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Exhibitions worldwide

Contacts, pictures & releases

America & Canada

Cycle of Life | Houston, USA
press contact:
Craig Chlavaty
Animal Inside Out | Idaho, USA
press contact:
Jeff Carr
Decoded | San José, USA
press contact:
The Tech Museum
Public Relations Manager
Marika Krause
RX | Cleveland, USA
press contact:
Joe Yachanin
Communications Director


Pulse | Salzburg; Austria
press contact:
COFO Entertainment
Julia Gabauer
Anatomy of Happiness | Heidelberg, Germany
press contact:
Christiane Casott
zum Kontaktformular
press kit and press relases:
On track to happiness!01.09.2017Download
Menschen Museum | Berlin, Germany
press contact:
Beate Kachel & Darya Kerber
E-Mail: b.kachel@memu.berlin; d.kerber@memu.berlin
The Story of your Heart | Kassel, Germany
press contact:
COFO Entertainment
Julia Gabauer
E-Mail: julia.gabauer@cofo.de
PLASTINARIUM | Guben, Germany
press contact:
Christiane Casott
contact form
The Happiness Project | Amsterdam, Netherlands
press contact:
Aimée Rutumalessij

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More Pictures

Configurations of Blood Vessels
Transparent Slices
Plastinated Organs
Plastination Technique
Plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens & Curator Dr. Angelina Whalley

Press Releases

General Information
Record Milestone: 50 Million Visitors13.11.2019Download
Celebrity CommentsDownload

Ethics Report

Before the North American premiere of BODY WORLDS, in 2004, and updated in 2017, an independent ethics review was conducted by a distinguished committee of theologians, ethicists, academics and medical luminaries. The Ethics Review of the origins of bodies in BODY WORLDS and ethical nature of the exhibition — conducted by the California Science Center, Los Angeles is available for download here:

Ethical Review Update by the California Science Center 2016/2017
Ethic Report by the California Science Center 2004/2005