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Teachers & Parents

Did you know?

Free admission for teachers!

BODY WORLDS offers preview opportunities so that teachers and trainees can see the exhibition free of charge before bringing their classes to it. Free entry is granted during preview events and restrictions may vary depending upon location. Please contact the venue you are looking to visit for more information.

Plan your visit

with children and youngsters
  • Prior to visiting BODY WORLDS we recommend that students and children review the guide, which is intended to help them become familiar with the exhibits and prepare them to gain the most from their learning experience.
  • BODY WORLDS is a wonderful opportunity for children, as well as for adults, to explore, discover and learn together.
  • The exhibition’s goal is to create an educational experience for visitors of all ages to explore and witness the human body first hand.
  • Allowing an in-depth exploration of the human body, BODY WORLDS presents anatomy in a way never experienced through conventional textbooks, educational tools and lessons.
  • Visitors who are familiar with the nature of the exhibits often have a more enjoyable and valuable educational experience.
  • For both, preparatory and follow-up work with school classes or with your family, please download our educational materials.

Educational Materials

For students, teachers and parents – free download
Student Guide

This guide will help to learn more about BODY WORLDS and the human body. Filled with valuable insights, information, facts and exercises, the guide can be revisited after seeing the exhibit, to reinforce lessons learned.


Students complete these questions as they tour through the exhibition.  (Includes answer keys for teachers.)
Please note these worksheets were designed specifically for BODY WORLDS Pulse and some questions may not relate to other exhibitions.

Family Guide

For parents and kids. This guide will help to teach more about BODY WORLDS and the human body.

Dr. Junior
Quiz tour for Kids

This anatomy quiz guides children through all the important body systems of humans in a playful way.

Exhibition Guide

This 27-page guide provides comprehensive background knowledge and supports teachers and parents during the preparation and follow-up of their exhibition visit.


The Kid-Safari will help children to learn interesting facts about the animals in the exhibition in a playful way.


Listen & Learn

Design your exhibition visit according to your personal interest. The Audio Guide allows you to learn about stats, facts and provides further explanations. You will also hear practical tips on how to keep your body healthy and functional for as long as possible.

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