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FR:EIA The World’s first 3-D Human Fascia Plastinate

at the BODY WORLDS Museum in Berlin

The field of fascia research has undergone remarkable expansion and growth in the last decade, which is shaping the progression of many related fields. In order to further support fascia anatomy education, the imaging of fascia has also been expanding, but until now a true visualization has been a challenge.

Based on this, the teams behind the BODY WORLDS Exhibitions and the Fascia Research Society joined forces to create an interdisciplinary team with the lofty goal to produce a full body plastinate, revealing the entire human fascial net, three-dimensionally. The result of this ambitious three-year project is the successful creation of the world’s first 3-D human fascia plastinate titled FR:EIA (Fascia Revealed: Educating Interconnected Anatomy). FR:EIA has become the new attraction and an integral part of the permanent collection at the BODY WORLDS Museum in Berlin.

Preview of FR:EIA Images

For preview only - Prermission required!
FR:EIA – Image #1
full body front view


FR:EIA – Image #2
full body back view


FR:EIA – Image #3
full body side view


FR:EIA – Image #4
upper body side view


FR:EIA (Fascia Revealed: Educating Interconnected Anatomy) is the world’s first 3-D human fascia plastinate. It was created at Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ Plastinarium in Guben Germany, by his BODY WORLDS team in collaboration with the Fascia Research Society. 

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Watch the unveiling of the world’s first 3-D human fascia plastinate:

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