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Mülheim an der Ruhr


Mülheim an der Ruhr

BODY WORLDS closed November 21, 2021

The exhibition in Muelheim has ended.

Tickets already purchased remain valid and can be easily rebooked, please email to koerperwelten@cofo.de.
The thematic focus of BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart is the heart with its extensive vascular system. The dense network of arteries, veins and capillaries measures over 96,500 kilometres. If linked together, it would span around the earth more than twice.

The heart is the steadfast engine of our life. Due to this continuous strain it is also susceptible to wear and tear and to dysfunctions. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are the leading cause of death today.

As exhibition curator and physician, this special feature is especially dear to Dr. Angelina Whalley’s heart: "We only think of our heart, this vitally important organ, when it falls ill or suffers great stress. I hope that the exhibition encourages the visitor to live more heart-conscious and heart-healthy."


It is obligatory to wear a medical face mask (FFP 2 or surgical mask) within the museum. The distance rules (at least 1.5 m) and the general hygiene rules apply. A negative corona test, vaccination or recovery certificate is no longer required for the visit.

The permission to open the museum depends on the guidelines recommended by national, state and local authorities and incidence figures. Please note that changes can therefore occur at any time. We will inform you about changes here on our website.

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