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Wörthersee-Halle, Exhibition Centre


BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life in klagenfurt is now closed

The exhibition shows the body over time how it develops, matures and grows, reaches its climax and finally weakens. The "Cycle of Life" features a special presentation on the human life cycle and ageing – from prenatal development and infancy to youth, adult­hood and old age. It presents ageing in the context of the human life cycle, as a natural progression from the spark of life at conception to living with inspiration into later years. Incredible feats and cautionary tales about age related matters, as well as the latest find­ings in longevity research are staged alongside real human specimens preserved through plastination.


Arts & Sciences Exhibitions and Publishing GmbH · Im Bosseldorn 17 · 69126 Heidelberg · Germany

Livemacher GmbH · Max-Eyth-Straße 11 · 74354 Besigheim · Germany

COFO Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG · Dr.-Emil-Brichta-Str. 9 · 94036 Passau · Germany

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