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BODY WORLDS Pulse in Dresden extended until October 3, 2022

BODY WORLDS PULSE asks visitors to consider the frenetic pace of modern living and its effect on the body and mind. It highlights the mind-body connection and offers guided information on the latest preventive healthcare while addressing common disorders and stress related maladies and diseases,

The exhibition is uniquely curated by Dr. Angelina Whalley to show the science and splendour of the human body and deconstructs its form and function through the trailblazing science of plastination, invented by anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens. Visitors will witness the body in health and distress, learn its vulnerabilities and potential, and consider many of the challenges it faces as it navigates the 21st Century.

A special collection of plastinated specimens – including spectacular whole body plastinates, body configurations, translucent slices, and organs, as well as interactive elements, 3D and multimedia displays guide viewers through the various systems of the body. The locomotive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular, digestive, and reproductive systems are explored in detail.

This exhibit invites you to discover how embracing healthy lifestyles and living to an optimal tempo, neither too fast nor too slow, but to the beat of your own life, can lead to pulsating vitality.

opening hours

open daily!
Monday – Friday
9am–6pm (last admission 5pm)
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays
10am–6pm (last admission 5pm)


Single Tickets (Monday - Friday)
Adults 19 €
Children & Adolescents (7-18 years) 13 €
Students & Concessions* 15 €
Families (2 Adults + 2 Children / 1 Adult + 3 Children) 45 €
Single Tickets (Saturday, Sunday & public holidays)
Adults 21 €
Children & Adolescents (7-18 years) 15 €
Students & Concessions* 17 €
Families (2 Adults + 2 Children / 1 Adult + 3 Children) 49 €
Group tickets 10 persons or more (Monday - Friday)
Adults 15 €
Children & Adolescents (7-18 years) 9 €
Students & Concessions* 13 €
school classes 9 €
Group tickets 10 persons or more (Saturday, Sunday & public holidays)
Adults 17 €
Children & Adolescents (7-18 years) 11 €
Students & Concessions* 15 €
Flex- & Gift tickets
Any day, preferred admission, not time bound 25 €
Audio Guide
DE/ EN 3.5 €

Free admission: Children under 7 years, teachers and student teachers, companions of disabled persons (B), body donors of the Institute for Plastination.
*Concessions: Only with valid verification: Students under 30, seniors 65+, apprentices 18+, disabled persons.
Fees: Additional fees may apply when ordering online or by phone.

school groups and group bookings

Hotline for school groups and group bookings from Germany: +49 (0)69 427262642 oder per E-Mail an koerperwelten-dresden@reservix.de. Teachers (with verification) get free admission.

2for1: Monday = Student Day

On Mondays, 2 students pay the price of 1 ticket: 15€
Please show your student IDs at the box office.

Audio Guide

Listen & Learn! Design your exhibition visit according to your personal interest. The Audio Guide tour is available in English and German.

Time slot tickets

To make the visit as pleasant as possible, time slot tickets are offered. By booking a time window ticket, access to the exhibition is possible within the booked time window. The length of stay is unlimited. We recommend buying tickets in advance, as waiting times or fully booked timeslots may occur under certain circumstances with large numbers of visitors.

Flex- & Gift tickets

Are you looking for a suitable gift or would you like to be flexible and be able to visit the exhibition at any time? The Flex-Ticket allows you to visit the BODY WORLDS without pre-booking. The Flex-Ticket is neither date nor time bound and in addition you can enjoy your visit with preferred admission. Flex-tickets are available online.

The exhibition is barrier-free and bilingual (EN/DE).

Address & Directions

Plan your visit

 Königsbrücker Str. 96
01099 Dresden

Take the tram line 7 from the main station (direction Weixdorf) to the Heeresbäckerei  , journey time 17 minutes

  • by tram from Neustadt train station, line 3/6/11 to Albertplatz, journey time 3 minutes, then line 7 or 13 to  Heeresbäckerei ,  journey time 15 minutes
  • with the S-Bahn exit  S-Bf. Industrial area , then an 8-minute walk (800 m) or one stop for line 7 or 13
  • walk from Neustadt train station 30 minutes (2.5 km)

Timetable information: https://www.dvb.de/de-de/

Coming from the A4 (Aachen – Cologne – Eisenach – Erfurt – Gera – Chemnitz – Dresden)
Take exit 81a-Dresden-Hellerau to leave the A4. Drive onto Radeburger Straße/ B 170 in the direction of Dresden-Zentrum. Follow the road for 1.5 kilometers and then turn left onto Stauffenbergallee. Follow the road for 2.4 kilometers and then turn left onto Königsbrücker Straße/B 97 (signs to Hoyerswerda/airport). After 600 meters you will find the grounds of the Zeitenstrom on the right-hand side.

Arriving from Dresden Central Station
Drive along St. Petersburger Strasse in the direction of the Elbe. Cross the Elbe on the Carolabrücke and follow the B 170 straight ahead to Albertplatz. Turn half right into Königsbrücker Straße (B 97) in the direction of the airport. After approx. 2.3 kilometers you will find the handrail of the time flow on the right-hand side.

There is designated, metered parking by the Zeitenstromung on site.



frequently asked questions
Body Donation for Plastination?

The unique body donation program was founded in 1982 by Dr. Gunther von Hagens and has registered more than 19,000 donors worldwide. Since 1993, the program has been managed by the Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg, Germany. Body donation is and remains the ethical cornerstone of Plastination for BODY WORLDS. BODY WORLDS exhibitions and the high-quality educational specimens that result from our Plastination work would not be possible without the generosity of our body donors. We are very grateful to all of our donors and we are honored to be able to fulfill their last wish. In order for us to properly manage our donation program and serve our existing donors, we are unable to accept new donations at this time. The program has simply reached its capacity and we are indefinitely stopping the acceptance of new donor applications.
We encourage you to contact your local medical school to learn about their need for body donations. Please contact our body donation office if you have any further questions.

Are there animals in the BODY WORLDS exhibitions, as well?

Most BODY WORLDS exhibitions have a few animal specimens on display. Due to the great popularity of the animal plastinates, Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Angelina Whalley were encouraged to create the new exhibition BODY WORLDS of Animals which now tours the world under the name ANIMAL INSIDE OUT. The display features the most popular species in the animal kingdom. Better than any textbook, this fascinating exhibition shows the complex, amazing biology of the natural world’s most remarkable creatures and their nervous system, bones, muscles, and organs. ANIMAL INSIDE OUT also allows a peek under the elephant’s skin. Its trunk with a network of 40,000 muscles is an incredibly unique feature that has many different uses. And who would have known that a giraffe uses its 20-inch-long bluish tongue like a hand? ANIMAL INSIDE OUT’s educational approach is particularly suitable for young visitors.

Is there an audio tour?

In some exhibitions audio guides are offered for an additional fee. The audio tour is designed for the layman to enhance the exhibition content and to provided added insight to the specimens on display. Clear explanations, amazing facts and more information about the plastinates can be accessed by individual users at their own pace. The guides are usually available in English or other languages in select markets. More information are available on the exhibition website and on site in the exhibition.

Can you take photographs or film in the exhibitions?

Professional and commercial photography and filming in the exhibitions is not allowed. Some venues may permit amateur photography with small handheld devices. Please note that photography that may be distracting to other guests may be limited or restricted at any time. Members of the media wishing to photograph or film in the exhibition should contact the local PR office.

Would I be able to learn just as much from books or models of the human anatomy?

The use of authentic specimens allows a penetrating examination and study of disease, physiology and anatomy unmatched by models, textbooks or photos. In addition, the exhibition allows visitors to understand that each and every body has its own unique features, even on the inside. The experience in other cities has clearly demonstrated that exhibit visitors are drawn to real specimens in a way that cannot be replicated by models.

Why are the plastinates posed the way they are?

The poses of the plastinates have been carefully thought out and serve educational aims. Each plastinate is posed to illustrate different anatomical features. For instance, the athletic poses illustrate the use of muscle systems while playing sports. The poses are chosen to highlight specific anatomical features and allow the visitor to relate the plastinate to his or her own body.

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