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BODY WORLDS: The Anatomy of Happiness: opens July 7th in Boston

BODY WORLDS: The Anatomy of Happiness tells the story of the human body and the influence that the emotional phenomenon of ‘happiness’ has on our health. The legendary BODY WORLDS exhibit seen by more than 54 million people globally presents this brand new exhibition for the first time ever in North America at “The Back Bay Hub” on Newbury Street beginning Friday, July 7, 2023 for a limited engagement.

Like every movement, perception, or sensation, happiness is the result of certain processes in the body. BODY WORLDS: The Anatomy of Happiness interprets the latest research and findings by social scientists on how happiness is determined and presents medical findings about the impact of happiness on the body and mind. The exhibition will teach audiences what parts of their anatomy are involved in happiness and how positive or negative emotions can affect the entire body.

A curated collection of real human specimens called “plastinates” and cutting-edge interactive displays invite Boston audiences to discover the secrets that hide beneath the skin, unveiling factors that can influence mood and wellbeing. Anatomical specimens of real human bodies reveal the complexity, resilience, and vulnerability of the body. These specimens also uncover findings about the effects of diseases, alcohol and tobacco addiction, and display the mechanics of hip and joint replacements.
All specimens were donated specifically for plastination and are preserved by the revolutionary process invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

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343 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115

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