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Animal Inside Out – EU

Animal Inside Out – EU

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT – pauses temporarily!

Featuring a special collection of plastinates, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT reveals how intricate the blood vessels of animals are, what the muscular system and various organs of different animals look like, and how they compare to other animals, including humans. From goats to giraffes, squids to sharks and octopuses to ostriches, guests will discover the form and function of animals both exotic and familiar.

The exhibition is divided into six areas by biological systems – locomotive, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and urinary/reproductive – to give guests an in-depth look at animals from a rarely seen perspective. Highlights of plastinates featured in ANIMAL INSIDE OUT include the world’s tallest mammal, the giraffe; the rarely seen giant squid; a magnificent bull, with its heart five times the size of a human’s; and a reindeer, with hooves that adapt to the changing seasons.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT pauses temporarily. Further exhibitions are being planned; as soon as they are fixed, they will be published here and in the overview on our website.

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